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Essential cookies

Name Purpose Expires
__RequestVerificationToken Used by the antiforgery system to help prevent external scripts from making malicious requests to the website. When session ends
.AspNet.ApplicationCookie Used to identify the current user session. When session ends
adxPreviewUnpublishedEntities Used for system administrators to preview unpublished pages. When session ends
adx-notification Used to maintain alert messages to be displayed to users after a form is submitted. When session ends
ARRAffinity Used by the system to load-balance requests and ensure the service performs efficiently with large numbers of users. When session ends
ASP.NET_SessionId Used to maintain the session of a logged in user to avoid repeated sign-in. When session ends
ContextLanguageCode Used to maintain the default language of the user within a session across different pages. When session ends
Dynamics365PortalAnalytics Critical service cookie to analyze service usage anonymously and aggregated for statistical purpose. 90 days
isDSTObserved Stores a value to indicate if the current moment is in daylight saving time. When session ends
isDSTSupport Indicates whether a specified date and time falls in the range of daylight saving time. When session ends
timeZoneCode Used internally to store the timezonecode for the current timezone. When session ends
timezoneoffset Stores the timezone difference between UTC and Local browser time. When session ends